Full-service Kite Repair




Greg Knowles, mechanical engineer and the principal behind Comox Kite Repair, has been repairing wind sports equipment for decades. A wind addiction and interest in the gear started with windsurfing in Ontario in the mid-80's while at university. After a few years working as a manufacturing engineer at an automotive car part factory, Greg moved west in 1991, for a Masters in mechanical engineering at UBC in Vancouver, and more wind.

Accepting the position of equipment manager for the UBC Windsurfing Club, Greg honed his sewing skills on the club's powerful old Singer. The club, a group of 75 students, alumni, faculty and public members all sharing a fleet of 30 boards and rigs, was hard on gear, with something always in need of repair. Under a limited budget, Greg learned repair techniques to maximize the equipment's useful life.


In 2001, the early days of kiting, Greg was now working as a product design and development engineer for a Vancouver fuel cell company. With another young engineer, Greg bought a directional kiteboard and two kites, a two-line inflatable, and a big two-line foil kite.Miraculously the two new kiters survived numerous downwind runs, and Greg's passion switched from windsurfing to kiting. The kites, however, were primitive and Greg and his kite buddy modified them out of necessity. The foil's bridle was converted to provide depowering and leashing, and the inflatable converted to 4-lines, the latest innovation at that time. Engineering skills and sewing experience from windsurfing allowed Greg to keep current with kite design advances by repairing and modifying older kites. 

In 2007, after 12 years of fuel cell engineering, Greg and family wanted a change from city life in Vancouver and moved to Comox on Vancouver Island, where opportunities for wind and time on the water abound. The kiting community in the Comox Valley has grown noticeably in the past few years, and with that, a demand for local kite repair of all kinds, fabric, bladders, and rigging. Already GK_jump-Goose.jpgrepairing his own kites, Greg started repairing for the local kiting crew, and kites for the local kite school. Now, Comox Kite Repair's services are available to anyone across Canada. With a variety of repair options, you can find a repair approach that suits your needs. Use the Quote Request page to find out more.