Comox Kite Repair Owner/Operator

With a background in sailing & windsurfing Joost Buijs has been a wind enthusiast since a young age. Now having taken up kiteboarding while also working towards foiling; this former pilot still loves to fly. You can imagine his excitement when CKR offered him the opportunity to be involved in the wind community not only through play but work as well!

After 7 years as a Red Seal RV Technician, Joost traded in his tools for a sewing kit. He spent 2 years apprenticing under the expert guidance of Greg Knowles & has now enjoyed ownership of Comox Kite Repair for the last couple of years!

Comox Kite Repair is thankful to maintain a professional relationship with Greg as he remains an essential part of the team. We will continue to value his knowledge & proficiency.

Comox Kite Repair's quality services are available to anyone. With a variety of repair options, you can find a repair approach that suits your needs.