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Wing Repair

Comox Kite Repair can restore your damaged, inflatable wing to its original performance, often with nearly invisible repairs.
Repairs are made with the same materials from which wings are built, and stitched with top-quality UV-resistant thread.

Full Wing Inspections Available - please see pricing below

If your wing has suffered a major accident we strongly recommend a full inspection as secondary damage could easily be overlooked.

Damage to a wing's fabric can be grouped into three types, based on the material or functional areas of the wing.

Canopy Tear Pro-Repair

We offer precision realignment of canopy tears and apply spinnaker cloth ripstop adhesive tape on both sides. We use our supply of 16 fabric tape options to closely match colours. We do our best to blend in our repairs to make them as invisible as possible.

Next, we use 4-point zig zag stitching around all tape borders to lock-down the repair, and a final setting of tape adhesive. Occasionally, a mini panel is necessary or an entire panel.

$60 & up

Leading Edge & Strut Pockets Pro-Repair

Around the tear, the closing seam is opened to allow access to the damaged area. The tear is aligned and patched with similar weight Dacron tape both inside and out. The patch is locked down with 4-point zig-zag stitching, and the leading edge seam is closed. For damage beyond patching, complete panels are replaced with new fabric. Pro-repairs are guaranteed for the life of the wing, transferable to a new owner if the wing is sold.

$105 & up

Structural Components Pro-Repair

There are many features on wings, including windows, mini-batten pockets, bladder installation or retention features, scuff protection pads, and more. Occasionally these features require repair or replacement. CKR uses high quality materials to restore your wing to its optimum condition.

$30 & up

Pro-repairs are guaranteed for the life of the kite, and transferable to a new owner if the kite is sold.

Wing Cleaning & Drying

Wing MUST BE free of sand & salt before sewing.


Wing Repair Pricing

Wing Canopy Pro-Repair

Wing Canopy Pro-Repair
minimum $60.00 for a tear length less than 20cm, greater than 20cm add $1.05 per additional cm of tear

< 20cm $60

>20cm add $1.05/cm

Strut Tear Pro-Repair

if the tear runs close to or along a strut (less than 2cm away) add $0.85 per cm of tear running along the strut

see above &

add $0.84/cm

Structural Feature Pro-Repair

Add $30 - $40 per feature if tear runs into a mini-batten, bridle attachment, scuff pad or other structural feature

add $30 - $40

Wing Inspections
Full Wing Inspection

Includes running the entire canopy over a light table then a light inside the leading edge to look for damage, also includes an inspection of the bladders' tips for salt and sand contamination and a look at the handle attachment points.

$45 - $75 

Leading Edge Strut Dacron Pocket Pro-Repair

LE Strut Dacron Pocket

minimum $105 for a tear length up to 20cm, greater than 20cm add $1.35 per additional cm

<20cm $105

>20cm add $1.35/cm

With Webbing-Covered LE

add $30 - $40 for webbing-covered leading edge closure seams

see above &

add $30 - $40

Tear through Shape Section

if the tear runs across a shape section

add $18

Tear through Canopy Seam

if the tear runs into a leading edge canopy seam

add $30 - $45

Tear Along Strut Seam/LE Connection

if the tear runs along a strut or leading edge connection

add $50

Guidelines work for moderate sized tears - for massive, wing-shredded reconstruction, repair cost is typically less - contact us with pictures for a quote!